Ever wonder about the cyber-attacks that aren’t reported on the nightly news?

Vision, plan, goal, or objective… Whatever you call it, the Stonebridge MSP team wants to help you get there – and get there safely. Businesses across the region rely on our friendly, approachable staff of IT specialists to give them secure, stable, optimized working environments.

Delivering accountable results for your business is what we bring to a relationship with your company. But those accountable results don’t come with outrageous IT repair bills. We carefully maintain, manage, and monitor the security posture of your online assets for an easily budgeted monthly fee. We make IT security easy for you, so you can move confidently into your company’s future.

Lower Costs

Our managed IT security provides high-level protection for a simple, monthly fee.

Guaranteed Uptime

We deliver accountable results. Count on us to keep your systems 99.999% incident free.

Approachable, Friendly Service

We keep your technology safe so you can have peace of mind and focus on building your business.

You can rest assured knowing your business is protected with:

  • Email Protection

    Prevent spam and viruses from reaching your network or your inbox.

  • Email Archiving

    Securely store and archive all email communications for compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Web Filtering

    Block malicious or inappropriate web content while enhancing employee productivity.

  • Managed Firewall

    Configure, maintain, and monitor your firewall for the purpose of blocking malicious traffic.

  • Network Security

    Utilize a virtual patch applied to your network, which is monitored and maintained to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Wireless Information Security

    Determine and implement the most secure wireless setup for your business.

  • Vulnerability Analysis

    Pinpoint the weak spots in your network through regular vulnerability analysis performed on an ongoing basis.

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